Kanji words come flying at you. Guess their reading and type it to aim your shots. But you need to be 100% correct to defeat them.

Some kanji have more than one reading. Only one however will be able to defeat the kanji hovering about. Try a different reading if the previous didn't work.

Kanji Duel

The closer you let the kanji draw near, the more often they will fire shots at you! But to attack they need to reveal their "names", so use that to take them out before they take out you.

You can't delete what you have already typed. If you need to get rid of a wrong reading, hit space to fire at any time.

You can also use the below touch keys on mobile devices without a proper keyboard.

Credits: JLPT vocabulary sets by Jonathan Waller, background image from hdwallsource.com, sound effects by freeSFX, game by Kay Hermann.
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