Kanji Puzzle

A game where you have to find kanji (Chinese characters) that share a certain Japanese reading. Correct answers will be colored to create the dots of a huge pixelated kanji which is also one of the correct answers. Look for the golden answer to give you a hint where the other correct answers are.

There's as many wrong characters as right ones and each is repeated several times. Which kind of characters are used to create the next puzzle and their difficulty can be selected after solving a puzzle or giving up. You can also switch off the music completely for the following puzzles or choose what kind of helpful hints should be displayed for the kanji your mouse cursor currently hovers over.

Although this game is intended for Japanese speaking (and reading) players, even without any knowledge of Japanese you can just start clicking characters and avoid the ones that get marked with a red cross and look for the ones the get circled. Don't expect to learn Japanese this way but it might still be fun for a few tries.


When I was checking out different HTML5 demos I found this nice sphere demo by Emil Korngold. It inspired me to write my own little 3D-sphere demo and I spent the last two days making this easy to pick up puzzle game. It borrows a bit of Korngold's code and also some of my own Breaxxor so I could finish it quickly.

Basically you control a magnet, rotate it, move it around, and if you're playing on Wii also in and out of the screen. Blue attracts red and the other way around. If two balls of the same color touch, one changes its color. Your magnet balls never change so you can use them to color the free moving balls.

Each round you're given a target to be met within the time limit. Color enough balls correctly and score points. With each round the time limit grows shorter and the points you get increase.


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